Why should you consider using thermally modified wood using the Thermowood method?

Our Novawood thermally modified wood has a variety of end uses that can enhance your living area whether it be indoor our outdoor. Novawood remains natural and beautiful after the thermal modification process has taken place but also it has many additional qualities that sometime get overlooked.
The products treated with the Thermowood method are;

100% natural. The wood is free from resin and chemicals. No chemicals are ever used during the production process.

Novawood Ash SidingEcological. Thermowood products contain no environmental or health hazards.

Durable. Thanks to its low water absorption, Thermowood maintains its durability in all weather conditions. It is longer lasting than regular wood. Low moisture content also prevents decay and fungi growth.

Stable. Thermowood’s bending and twisting characteristics are reduced by 90%, compared to wood that has not been thermally modified using the thermowood method.

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