Thermally Treated European Pine.

This species creates a nice appearance to the exterior of your home. Available in both premium and knotty grade it provides an appealing option for various final appearances. Pine has long been a staple species in the construction industry and now it has an added benefit with thermal modification being applied.

European pine has been in production for many years. The species is commonly referred to a Scot’s pine. The species is prominent in Western Europe. It can grow at high altitudes and can be found on poorer, sandy soils, rocky outcrops, peat bogs located near the perimeters of the forest.

Scots pine was among the first European tree species introduced to North America in an effort to control soil erosion by reforesting abandoned agricultural lands. Today, with the introduction of thermal modification a host of new applications extends the usefulness of the species.

Exterior wood siding on residential homes has grown in popularity in North America due in large part to the re-connection with natural wood and the natural design elements that are becoming increasingly popular in today’s building trends.

With thermal modification the wood goes through a process that establishes a final result of heighten durability and rot resistance. It provides the wood with uniform density and color. Pine falls into the class two durability scale with a life expectancy of 15 + years minimum.

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1×5 Premium Grade Pine Siding