California specifiers gather for social event at Newport Beach.

I had the pleasure of attending this “mix & mingle” event hosted by Fabrice Spies and his company SoCal Building Solutions. It was a great opportunity to display our products while meeting the professional specifiers face to face in a casual setting. Located at the Fashion Island Hotel the event venue could not have been better. Fabrice and the hotel staff went out of their way to welcome the guests and made sure they were well catered to.

CFP Woods and several other manufacturers took part displaying their latest product lines. Guests wondered the floor with food and drink in hand while stopping at the booths to ask questions. It’s amazing what a casual atmosphere will do to loosen the conversation. It’s a great opportunity to listen and hear what the specifiers think about your product as the conversation can lead to very useful information about the practicality of it’s use in the field and what may need to be improved upon.

Specifiers are the life blood of many products and their insight should be considered as constructive information. The sharing of information between the specifier and the manufacturer allows both parties to understand the limitations and benefits of product before its specified onto the project. Every project is unique on it’s own and brings certain challenges so information flow and sharing of relevant information is crucial to a successful outcome.

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1×6 Anti-Slip Ash Decking