Playground equipment new use for thermally modified wood.

Expanded uses keep progressing with thermally modified wood. Active Playground Equipment recently developed a line of “Natural Products” incorporating our thermally modified pine decking. Owners, Ben and Andrew Pins wanted to provide their clients a chemical free and environmentally responsible line of site furnishings incorporating the thermally treated pine species.

When they contacted us they requested samples so they could perform some testing on the product before going to production. A few weeks later they had a decision to move forward with the new line of exterior furniture and it’s been well received by their clients. The European Pine used in their natural wood line provides exceptional beauty and extended service life due to the thermal modification process.

Manufactures now put added emphasis on quality of wood products to reduce call backs and service warranties. Wood is particularly hard to lessen this frequency but understanding what thermally treated wood can offer in terms of durability often hits home with manufacturers once they grasp it’s benefits over traditional wood.

As we discover new ways to utilize the growing market demand for our thermally treated wood it will broaden it’s credibility and viability as a wood solution that will allow manufacturers to expand their designs with piece of mind knowing the woods performance level will exceed most all other wood options.

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Thermally Modified Pine Child’s Play Set