CFP Woods Cladding & Decking is the new standard. It is an ideal, 100% natural, FSC® certified,  sustainable, high quality cladding & decking material. Its unique grain structure, provocative colour and best in class durability are ideal for any project and will far exceed your expectations.

The process is 100% chemical and additive free, making the products totally safe for all environmentally sensitive usages.

An added benefit of the CFP Woods Cladding & Decking process is the rich brown walnut colour. This gorgeous colour is homogeneous throughout the wood. This consistency allows the wood to absorb stain much more uniformly then untreated woods, leading to a breathtaking result.


Our cladding can be easily used without any concerns in areas such as: cladding, louvers, soffits, doors, windows and shutters. Our process gives the cladding products a uniform colour and a perfect stability in terms of shape and dimensions.


If you seek a stylish look to highlight your terraces and backyards, durable and reliable our Decking is the right choice. It's excellent dimensional stability, beautiful grain structure, attractive brown colour and technical features add value to the spaces and ensures optimum results.


Embellish your interior walls and ceilings by modernizing the traditional look of the wood in three-dimension. Giving your living areas a touch of wood, with high standard quality principles of CFP Woods Wall Coverings. It is very easy to apply and will add value to your interior with various pattern.