Building Better with Wood.

A new world order of creating beautiful buildings utilizing wood has arrived. Gone are the days we had designs that were conveniently created but lacked wood as it’s main component. Our professional specifiers and building department officials have worked diligently to bring about changes that allow wood in both structural and exterior components of tall buildings.

Today wood products are being designed and constructed for use in main structural components of Mass Timber buildings. Due to the innovation in the design envelop building systems incorporating wood can now make replacement of steel in many load bearing applications while enhancing the overall appearance of the buildings exterior and interior. This advancement has changed the way we think about wood to address contemporary design and engineering challenges.

Wood has long been recognized as a renewable resource. Thus making it sustainable which has positioned wood well as a “green” solution for sustainable structures. The demand for wood to be incorporated into the building design envelope has risen dramatically over recent years. Sourcing locally harvested wood allows for reduced transportation costs and it’s weight is often significantly less then other structural components of a building.

Wood brings natural characteristics that can’t be replicated. Wood’s natural color, grain patterns and texture make it a perfect match for many architectural styles. Wood should be seen as an investment that will bring added value to your project for many years to come.

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1×6 T&G Weathered Ash Siding