Outdoor kitchens incorporating thermally modified wood.

With the lazy days of summer 2017 coming to a close I thought it would be a good time to reflect on the summer construction season that was and take the opportunity to highlight the outdoor kitchen industry. This seems to be a growing home entertainment trend with homeowners wanting to show off their grilling areas in fine style.

The art of bbq has been mastered by many determined to grill their favorite food no matter the weather sun, wind, rain or snow. BBQ’ING is more then just great tasting food its a chance to create a special atmosphere bringing with it the opportunity to get to know your fellow man, women and child just a little better.

Custom outdoor kitchen incorporating thermally modified ash wood Pinterest Pics.

It’s not your father’s grill anymore. Today there are classic built-in outdoor grills to island units jam-packed with amenities such as wine coolers, pizza ovens and lobster boilers, the sky is the limit with today’s outdoor kitchens.

So what should you look for when deciding who will design, build and install your outdoor kitchen? Be careful of using companies that bolt or screw their frames together as they end up having weaker load points. Look for manufactures that fully weld their frames with appropriate support structures for the components. Companies that can provide all in one services such as design, supply and install of grill and accessories along with counter tops should be given preference. 

If deciding on a wood facade for your outdoor kitchen give consideration to woods that have high levels of durability as the wood will be exposed for long periods of time to the outdoor elements. Thermally modified Ash seems to be a favorite species of wood to incorporate because it rates higher in terms of durability and stability due to the fact its went through a man made process that changes the woods cell structure. In the process of thermal modification the wood changes its internal physical structure while the exterior caramelizes to give its chocolate brown appearance which permeates the entire pc of wood.

Happy grilling everyone!

Toronto, Ontario outdoor kitchen manufacturer using Thermally Modified Ash Wood is myoutdoorkitchen