Garage door construction incorporating thermally modified wood.

Natural wood is often overlooked when it comes to an exterior cladding option for garage doors but that is changing with the introduction of thermally modified wood. Wood can bring a strong visual appeal to your homes exterior and if properly incorporated with the surrounding building materials can result in a striking visual appearance. Often the garage door can make up over 1/3 of the front facade of your home so I would consider it an important focal point in the design thought process.

The most popular garage door is the roll up sectional. It’s typically made of three sections, which are mounted horizontally and hinged together. The door slides with rollers on a track attached to the sides of the door frame. This construction style allows for various wood designs and hardware to be incorporated resulting in a door style unique to the owner’s own taste and design style. 

Matching house styles with garage door styles is perhaps never more important than with contemporary designs. A modern house design that features clean lines and high-tech material should include a similar type of garage door.

Modern design incorporating wood skin on garage Instagram pics

Thermally modified wood does require some regular maintenance over its lifetime but its adherent benefit over other natural woods is its capability of remaining stable due to the inability of moisture being able to be re-introduced to the wood, other than surface moisture, after the thermal modification process has been completed. This in turn decreases the chances of the wood being effected by rot which is often mother natures way of ruining many exterior woodworking projects.

Recent trends on exteriors of homes and commercial buildings are getting back to incorporating some natural wood aspect and for good reason. Wood is a renewable resource with many adherent benefits over metal and plastic’s which require extensive energy to produce and are not normally conducive to good environmental practices. Wood technology such as the thermal modification process has dramatically improved the woods exterior life and reduced it’s maintenance while remaining environmentally responsible in the process and harvest of the timber used in the thermal modification process.

Garage door incorporating thermally modified Ash wood supplied by CFPWoods