Toronto Construction Market introduced to Thermally Modified Wood.

The 2016 Construct Canada Show featured a host of unique and innovative new products during the three day event. One particular product that caught the attention of visitors was the thermally modified wood being displayed by CFP Cladding & Decking from Guelph, Ontario.

If you are considering a exterior or interior wall cladding or decking feature for your next building project they have some options that may fit. The companies products offer not only quality but a distinct advantage over traditional western red cedar, imported hardwoods and composite materials.  The wood species they offer have a 25 + year lifespan and rate as a Class 1 in aspects of durability along with resistance to rot, mold and insect infestation due to the woods low moisture content. The wood expands and contracts 90% less than traditional exterior wood products to help maintain a professional installation year after year.

The companies thermally modified Ash provides 25% more heat and sound insulation compared to regular wood and the raw material originates from North American forests which are well managed for long term sustainability along with being FSC certified for projects that require LEED wood credits.

Cherry Forest Products is Ontario’s largest hardwood producing sawmill and the company is the North American distributor for the Novathermowood brand and hold inventory ready to ship from their Guelph, Ontario warehouse for quick shipments to customers and dealers located both in Canada and the United States.

Novawood Exterior Ash Siding
CFP Cladding & Decking’s thermally modified wood was displayed at 2016 Construct Canada Show in Toronto, Canada. Visit