A new thought provoking space created with the help of thermally modified wood.

Constructed in 2016 the Bostanli Footbridge & Sunset Lounge has attracted millions of visitors from around the world. Designed and created by Studio Evren Başbuğ Architects this landmark project allows for locals and visitors to travel between the city of Izmir over the river of Bostanli as part of the Izmir Sea coastal regeneration project.

The bridge constructed in large part of thermally modified Ash allows for small boats to travel underneath while allowing access to the floating pontoon located in the river. This new urban structure with its unique positioning provides a view of the bay on one side and the city on the other. It was  designed with an asymmetrical cross-section with the thermally modified Ash constructed atop the steel cross members. With its unique design it allows for visitors to not only cross the bridge by foot but also allows them to enjoy the view of the bay at their leisure by either sitting or sprawling. The bridge was designed to go far beyond what a normal functioning footbridge would typically be used for as it allows for public leisure and breathtaking views while its visitors are made part of its relaxed atmosphere created in the bridge design.

The natural surface material incorporated using the thermally modified Ash along with the simplicity and effluence in the surface geometry, encourage the users to experience a more direct relationship with the setting sun and the sea. The Ash covered surface has a welcoming effect which is in large part due to the influence of the natural texture of the material while the “Sunset Lounge” allows residents to watch the sunset and spend quality time together.

Novawood Thermally Modified Wood Distributed in North America by CFP Cladding & Decking