Thermally modified wood expands the life expectancy of your outdoor wood project.

The limitations placed on exterior wood furniture just improved with the introduction of thermally modified wood. No longer do woodworkers need to consider the woods performance due to rot, mold and decay and best of all its the most dimensional stable natural wood product available without doubt, even over traditionally used tropical hardwoods.

When building a piece of furniture woodworkers must weigh the many expectations of the customer along with the woods performance from the appearance of the wood to its longevity culminating into a piece that will provide aesthetic beauty while providing the best performance from the woods natural characteristics and now with a little help from thermal modification. 

Outdoor Shower privacy fence made from CFPWoods thermally modified Ash wood. Pinterest pics

As we know wood tends to have a mind of its own and can play havoc with the most well intended plans if its not well prepared before being made into furniture. Adherent problems that follow woods path are cup, rot, twist, bow, split just to name a few. Few species that are placed outdoors and that are fully exposed to the natural outdoor elements are exempt from these wood issues as time progresses. Many of these issues are caused from expansion and contraction of the woods core due to the woods ability to accept moisture.  Thermal modification changes the physical cell structure of the wood allowing it resist significant moisture gain thus making the wood much more dimensional stable and eliminating most, if not all, woods traditional problems due to weather and time. 

CFPWoods offers a variety of milled wood solutions for woodworkers including molder blank material in various dimensions such as 1×6, 1×8, 2×4 and 2×6. The molder blanks are three sides clear and surfaced four sides hit and miss. Shipments are available to most points in Canada and the United States so when that woodworking bug strikes you give them a call and try their thermally modified wood. You won’t be disappointed.

Custom cabinet made from thermally modified ash wood. Check out this and other woodworking projects on our Instagram page.