New and innovative choice in thermally modified wood siding.

Exterior wood siding is making a big comeback in the North American marketplace. Your starting to see it utilized in both exterior and interior walls to help accent the remaining surroundings. Thermally modified wood siding deserves to be considered on many of these projects. Not only is it beautiful but also the process of thermally treating the wood makes it very durable and stable. North American Ash seems to be the wood species of choice with thermally modified wood companies because its natural wood features make it easy to thermally modify and also Ash is considered a joinery wood which makes it much easier to work with over other traditional wood decking and siding species such as Ipe.  The color of the Ash siding is a medium to dark brown color. This color is achieved during the thermal modification process which results in making this species very popular for a color option when decorating. It seems to be able to blend well with many existing color and design landscapes.

Novawood seems to be the market leader in this category and apparently the company has sold over 50 million square feet of its wood decking and siding products around the world. If I were a betting man I would guess will start to see more of this product line utilized here in Canada and the United States in 2016 and beyond. There is a company in Guelph, Ontario, Canada called Cherry Forest Products who is the North American distributor for Novawood.

Novawood and Cutek Extreme Deck Project 4
Novawood Thermally Modified Wood Decking
Novawood Ash Siding
Novawood Thermally Modified Wood Siding


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