The commitment to responsible harvesting for the benefit of future generations.

Thermally modified wood has been in the North American marketplace for several years but until recently it was never really accepted as a serious alternative to traditional construction materials due to the unknown’s about its origin and the technology associated with it. First attempts into the North American marketplace were simply not very successful for a host of reasons.
Leap ahead to 2016 and the thermally modified wood business has solidified into a few major players such as Novawood and Thermory. The species of wood used today are mainly North American and European Ash along with European Pine but there are still some North American manufactures using domestic species such as Southern Yellow Pine and Maple.
Cherry Forest Products decided to make the move to the North American marketplace with Novawood. The company was attracted to Novawoods manufacturing qualities and their commitment to remaining environmentally responsible which aligned nicely with the same value placed on the environment and quality commitments their company aspired too. Cherry Forest Products remains committed to responsibly harvesting the forests that Canadian’s expect to be managed in a responsible manner for the benefit of all future generations. The companies mantra is “Forests are more than trees and well-managed forests can provide a range of products and integral ecosystem services to meet society’s needs.”
Products manufactured through proper forest management around the world are identified with the FSC logo.
Novawood FSC

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