Education continues to play an important role with consumers wanting information on thermally modified wood.

Having access to a new and innovative product such as thermally modified wood requires continuing education to the North American consumer. Most consumers are not aware of the benefits of thermally treated wood over other traditional non thermally treated wood products such as spruce, pine, douglas fir, western red cedar or southern yellow pine.

Thermally modified wood producers continue to play an important role with educating the retail building material companies with proper training of sales staff and management. “Its important that  our dealers and distributors staff are able to speak with confidence when dealing across the counter with a potential purchaser”  says Jacob Baranski, of Cherry Forest Products.

Most consumers are not aware that “thermally treated wood” is a process not a species. When you thermally modify wood your performing a process to the wood that enables the wood species to become more stable and durable for use in general construction of exterior and interior wood working projects such as decking, siding and interior wood flooring.

Cherry Forest Products located in Guelph, Ontario, Canada have been importing and selling thermally modified wood products since 2014 and sell through building material dealers and distributors both in Canada and the United States.

Thermally Modified Wood Dealer Sales Staff Continuing Education Day

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