Thermally Modified Wood draws attention at 2019 International Builders Show

Las Vegas was the host city for the 2019 International Builder Show. Visitors from across North America and many other countries attended the three day exhibition. This show is one of the largest gatherings of building material exhibitors and attendees in North America.

This years show was no exception. Attendee’s had a chance to see many innovative, up and coming, building material products. Wood products displayed a heavy presence, highlighting just how far wood materials have advanced with improved technologies. Thermal modification being one of those technologies caught the eye of many in attendance.

Wood has made a strong advancement in the building materials space due in large part to this technology. No longer does one need to heavily weigh the options of wood vs composite on their project sites. Gone are the days of wood being played down due to its perceived problems of instability and associated rotting issues.

Many residential and commercial projects are currently utilizing thermally treated wood as architects are now commonly specifying the wood into their projects. Popular applications currently being utilized in construction are cladding and decking but the list of applications continue to grow because of the benefits the technology brings to most wood construction applications.

Continuing education plays a key role in the advancement of this technology as it continues to grow in popularity here in North America.We can expect to hear much more about it in the future.