Aspire to a new standard in aesthetics and environmental consciousness.

style="text-align: center;">Created for the perfectionist with an eye for detail and quality. This luxurious product is a beautiful and ecological alternative to plastic and tropical cladding & decking. The undeniable colour, unparalleled stability and durability, and environmentally responsible construction make every installation a showcase in understated luxury.

Decorate backyards & outdoors of your property with Ash woodworks.

Ash Cladding is ideal for durable & sustainable woodwork.

Decorate your interiors with our elegant looking Ash Cladding

Patina Grey Ash Decking would be an add-on to the chic look of your cottages.

Witness the natural hues of wood on our products

Enjoy the aesthetic look of your pool with chocolate brown Ash Decking on it.

Our Decking requires minimum maintenance and would give longevity to.

FSC & WUI Certified