Penofin for Thermally Modified Wood will prevent greying for up to 2 years

Penofin® for Thermally Modified Wood is a deep-penetrating, acrylic stain delivering unmatched durability and protection from weathering. Penofin for Thermally Modified Wood is designed to provide a protective water and UV resistant coating that preserves the rich exotic color of thermally modified wood. Penofin for Thermally Modified Wood will prevent greying for up to 2 years on vertical and horizontal surfaces through use of a multi-phase UV & mildew protection package including the finest trans-oxide pigments, Nano-technology UV blockers, UV photo-light stabilizers and Fungicides. Penofin for Thermally Modified Wood can be applied on Thermally Modified decking, siding, shakes, shingles, roofs, steps and railings. The VOC level of this product is less than 100 grams per liter.

Thermally modified wood: The sustainable choice for beauty, quality, purity and durability, without the cost of exotic hardwoods.

What is Thermally Modified Wood?
  • Thermal modification is the process by which wood is heated (>356°F) with steam in a controlled environment in the absence of oxygen. Low oxygen content prevents the wood from burning at this high temperature.
  • Thermal Modification both transforms and enhances the structural properties of wood without the use of harsh or toxic chemicals. Thermal modification induces structural changes to the cell wall components, making the wood highly resistant to rot while greatly reducing expansion and contraction.
  • Since Thermally Modified wood does not absorb or hold moisture as it would prior to treatment, species that typically do not perform well in outdoor or wet environments can now be used for decking and siding.
  • Thermal modification brings out a natural refined darker richer color in the wood. If not properly finished with Penofin for Thermally Modified Wood, this unique dark rich color will fade to a silver-grey when exposed to rain and sun.
Why Choose Thermally Modified Wood?
  • Uncompromising refined beauty and purity of real wood
  • Eco-friendly 100% chemical free process
  • Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified sustainable sources
  • Long term sustainability- fast growing sustainable softwoods can be used for applications that require high durability
  • More stable than standard kiln dried wood.
  • Up to 60% reduced swelling and shrinking from moisture
  • Water and decay resistant
For use on thermally modified wood. Prevents greying for up to 2 years

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